24 June, 2010

Sewing Haiku

Close Up - Bobbins, Pins & Things

Or is that haikus? No, must be haiku plural.  All I know is that I suck at them. But the Selfish Seamstress doesn't!  I've only recently discovered her blog and really love it, though I don't love how she's all petite and can wear clothes I can't. Don't love that at all! :)  But for a petite person she writes a mean haiku and she writes them about sewing!  AND you can get them on tshirts and mugs etc.  I felt moved to post about them after her latest one about bobbins.  As they used to say about Seinfeld "it's funny because it's true".


  1. mean is right! ouch! but hilarious.

  2. I don't feel that way about sewing for others either. or mending for others in fact which is more like it for me as my sewing output is sooo small. Then I feel like it's gifts of service you know, like how I bake for my family. But, the number of people who have suggested I make curtains and blinds for them as I have been struggling along with mine...really, I am NOT making curtains as a gift. and especially not frustrating fiddly blinds. "when monkeys fly out my butt" indeed!

  3. I laugh even though I actually don't feel that way about sewing for other
    people. But having said that, sometimes those thoughts do flash through your
    brain and I love that she comes out and says it! And I DO feel that way
    about hemming pants, and people DO keep coming back to you like an
    infection. Not that I can tell him that or I might cause a marital rift.



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