20 June, 2010

Doughy pawprints and the mysterious box!

When I make quiche I don't do the pastry myself, I just buy it from the store (oh the shame, the shame!)  I left a couple sheets out to defrost this morning and came out into the kitchen to find this

Doughy pawprints

Lucy had obviously jumped up on to the bench to see if these things were edible and probably got an unpleasant surprise. I can imagine that pastry dough probably doesn't feel all that great under paw.  Although the pastry sheet was completely ruined* who could be mad at such cute pawprints?

Doughy pawprints

*In the interests of honesty I did very briefly wonder if the pastry was still edible but the dirt left behind disabused me of that notion very quickly, considering what Lucy does out in the garden... and ewww, she was up on the bench!  Good for the immune system right? right?  I refuse to be drawn into the mad fantasies of the advertisers who want us all to be terrified of germs on all our household surfaces and to spray their horrible products liberally on everything - nothing makes me talk back to the TV more than one of those stupid ads.  See even now I'm having to resist the urge to launch into a tirade against them.

The mystery of the box around the text in my blog has been solved - it was simply that my version of Firefox was about 2 years old. For some reason it hadn't been updating itself automatically like I thought it was.  So that's fixed and now I can see the box darn it!


  1. Cute pawprints!
    ... and yes - those ads are ridiculous. So very very very ridiculous.

  2. ha ha, I totally would have considered using it! I mean, it's gonna get cooked right?! Plus I think those ads are absolutely insane, and I hardly ever get sick so there you go!

  3. hahahaha! That is so funny, and I must admit that I did wonder if your next photo would be of the pastry cooked and looking very cool with paw prints. Oh and how those ads, they annoy me so much, it gets a bit beyond a joke how much rubbish we are told to by. My solution is to turn the telly off LOL.

  4. Ohhhh, such a rotten kitty witty! Never ever sew anything for Lucy. She doesn't deserve anything.

    We used to have a cat named Monkey. I left 2 cakes to cool on the counter, never dreaming a KITTEN could possibly get up there. She was maybe 3 or 4 months old.

    I left the house, and came home to frost the cakes, and she had sat on one of them and eaten around the edge of it, and then eaten a big hole in the center of the other cake. Rotten kitty.

    Kitties are ebil.

  5. tehehehe how cute! I mean, naughty! Bad kitty! hehehe

  6. like everyone else i was wondering if you cooked it :) and yeah... what drives me insane is that every store, every office, every grocery place and mall and even public restrooms over here now have that rubbing alcohol hand sanitizer in a 'station'.. first thing people do upon entering is go lather up... why not actually wash the hands in the sink instead of using the sanitizer which does nothing anyways and might actually be harming us by skin absorption of isopropyl alcohol

  7. It was the dirt that prevented me mostly, serving my guests crunchy bits of
    dirt in their quiche would have been a bit beyond the pale :)

  8. My cousin actually suggested doing that, but then it would have been a big
    baked piece of dough I didn't know what to do with instead an unbaked one.

    I don't turn it off, I just get annoyed. I guess I must like the chance to
    rail against the stupidity of advertisers at last once or twice an evening.
    The one that really gets me is where the little boy goes to the toilet and
    doesn't wash his hands and leaves germs on everything he touches, including
    the pen that his sister then is going to put in her mouth as the microbes
    drip off in a most disgusting way. And then the mother comes and sprays
    CHEMICALS all over the pens and the kids are safe. Until the develop heinous
    cancers or weird allergies later in life that is mum. You idiot. Try making
    your kids wash their hands after the toilet instead maybe? See, I can't
    help myself...

  9. The year before last I put Hazel's birthday cake out on the deck to cool
    down and came out to find one side of it eaten away by some cat. I had no
    idea that cats eat cake, none. Well I do now and it means I can't put things
    outside to cool down because we have some freak of nature cat in the
    neighbourhood. Ebil indeed.

  10. I know, we couldn't yell at her because we were too busy laughing and taking

  11. Oh tell me about it - do people actually think that the sanitiser actually
    gets dirt off their hands? It's good for nurses etc. who need to clean their
    hands often but for the rest of us soap and water does the trick much better
    (and cheaper!). Not to mention you wonder what happens when you regularly
    kill off all the germs but the 1% that are resistant. And don't get me
    started on 'anti-bacterial' soap!



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