05 June, 2010

The mysterious box on my blog

The other day I was having a look at my blog from my computer at University (a PC using IE) and I noticed that there was a box and shadow around the text area of the blog that made it stand out from the white background. It doesn't appear on my Mac using Firefox so now I'm wondering who it appears for. If you can see it I'd be curious to know what kind of computer/browser you're using.

I also need to say hi and thanks to the mysterious person(s) who have been submitting my images to Craft Gawker! It's not a site I'd come across before but it's quite neat and I've been enjoying looking at some of the other images that appear there. It's an eclectic mix!

I'm in the midst of completing some UFOs - the boring stuff like hems, repairs and taking in. Need to get it done so I can get on to more fun stuff! This is the point in projects where I tend to fall down, get it all done bar the final finishing touches and it languishes for far longer than it should.

I made some focaccia with 'Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes' and it was great! Onion and rosemary and it really was wonderful. It took a 1/4 of the dough so the rest of it's sitting in the fridge waiting to go - problem is that I'm meant to be trying to lose weight and having yummy bread minutes away is an awful temptation... I'll post more about the book when I've had a chance to try some more of the recipes but it's looking VERY positive so far :) Not that I doubted it because it's had such rave reviews everywhere I've come across it on others' blogs.


  1. hey jacqui! I can see the border. I just switched over to blogger in drafts new layout. I really want to ditch my border, so if you figure out how or whatever I'd love to know. :)

  2. Hi Jacqui. I can see the shadow thingy and I'm using a PC and Internet Explorer. Your bread sounds delicious!

  3. Hi Jacqui, I have a shadow box. I have a pc, running windows and I browse with firefox.
    I have the same bread problem I think. not artisan bread, but breadmaker inspired weight gain. I've been trying to blame it on my broken foot but unfortunately I suspect that's not the problem...

  4. I can see the border, and I'm using my Mac with Firefox. I make homemade bread a lot, I'm very eager to hear more about this book. Are the recipes really fairly quick to make like the book claims?

  5. I have a mac and use safari and there is no box fyi

  6. I am seeing the shadow around your text, but thought this was how it was suppose to be. I have a Gateway NV52 laptop and use Google.

    By the way, I like being a person of taste and discretion.


  7. I don't see any shadow and have windows 7 ( I think that is the one after Vista) using Internet Explorer.

  8. I can see it, I'm using a PC with IE. The drop shawod is much fainter on Firefox (we have more than one PC here). Ian reckons it's the way the brower interprets the drop shadow.

  9. I see it too. I noticed it appears to be the last thing drawn on the page after all the items are downloaded onto my PC with IE 8.0.

  10. I see the box too. Mine's the same, only there's a blue background vs. your white. Do you see all blue on mine.

    And ugh the UFOs are KILLING me. I have officially bitten off more than I can chew and am feeling like a chicken with my head cut off even with my lists. Le sigh. The burden of too much choice... why am I complaining?? ;)

  11. That's so weird, same computer setup as me...

    I've only done a couple loaves from the book so I don't quite feel qualified
    to comment on it yet, other than that it does seem easy and they two
    focaccias I've made have been lovely. I'll stick in a couple links to the
    blogs where I came across it for more reviews for you, but in general I'd
    say that no it's no actually 5 minutes a day, it's kind of misleading! What
    you do is mix up the dough (usually enough for 4 loaves), which takes about
    10 minutes, then you let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours or so and
    then it's ready to use. You store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. When
    you want some bread you scoop/cut the amount out and shape it, then let it
    rest for 20 minutes for the focaccia/flatbreads up to 1.5 hours for some of
    the richer breads. Then it's into the oven to cook. The '5 minutes a day'
    title is catchy but I'm not entirely sure how they justify it! Still,
    having the dough there ready to go means that it's heaps faster than more
    conventional methods.


    I'll be using it to make pizzas this week and I'd love to try the rich
    breads next.

  12. Yes I see your blue background, but no drop shadow! My computer is messing
    with my mind...

    The whole UFO thing is horrible because you know it's totally self-inflicted
    and maintained. I can't blame anyone else! Well I can, society for making
    me work and do other mundane things, like look after my child, instead of
    sewing all the time ;)



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