30 June, 2010

Auckland crafting day

Stacey at Polka Dot Daze has organised a crafty day for Auckland which sounds like a lot of fun and I've just emailed her to say I'd love to come - although why is it when I sound so definite I feel like I should throw in a small caveat along the lines of "if I can, barring any disasters or illness"?  I guess it comes with being a mum.  Heh.  So if you're in the vicinity and it sounds good, email her and come along.  It's going to be an adventure for me, driving across Auckland to totally unknown territory, and in Mat's big, grubby, work station wagon too, just to make it extra exciting.  It'll totally ruin my self-image of course, I'm so used to our zippy little red Golf.  I'd have never thought I'd feel a car reflected my personality, or even care too much what I drove as long as it was reliable, but somehow I've discovered I do!  Geez, next thing I'll be getting some lame-o personalised plates or something (never!!!) ;)
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