01 October, 2009

New books on my wishlist

I added a few books to my Fishpond wishlist today and thought I'd share them:

Twinkle Sews: 25 Handmade Fashions from the Runway to Your WardrobeI added this one solely on the strength of the review over at Whip Up, and the gorgeous dress on the cover. Plus in an interview on Burda Style she actually voluntarily mentions women who don't have model-like figures! I have no idea what the other clothes look like but I've put it in here in the hopes someone will post a few photos of the book contents and I can then justify buying it!

Bend the Rules with Fabric I like the first Bend the Rules, although don't exactly love it, the projects are a bit on the simple side for me. Not in a pejorative sense, but I don't feel challenged by them exactly. Or something. But I'd like to have a look at this one anyways, it sounds fun from the reviews I've read of it.

Carefree Clothes for Girls - again, not entirely sure what the projects are like but the review of it (wherever that was I came across it first) sounded interesting. I know I know, I can hear people saying "back away from the little girl's clothes Jacqui, just baaaaack away" but a woman can dream can't she? Plus this looks like a Japanese pattern book in English which should be encouraged I think.

Lastly, I have A Second Helping: More from Ladies, a Plate. The first book Ladies, a Plate is fabulous and not only is it a great recipe book but it's great New Zealand social history and I'm very big on social history, particularly where it pertains to what might traditionally be called a "woman's sphere of influence". There are lots of books on the history of New Zealand cooking around at the moment, I think I saw one in the bookshop the other day that was something along the lines of "first catch your weta" but don't quote me on that!

I don't know if I need to explain the term 'Ladies, a Plate' or not, but if I do then it simply means that women are expected to bring a small plate of food to a gathering. It's pretty old-fashioned although most people still understand it. Sometimes it was shortened even further to just 'Ladies...'. Talk about social short-hand! There are tales of new immigrants turning up to parties with a bare plate, probably more apocryphal than true in most cases, although I'm quite sure it happened on occasion!


  1. Great looking books, check out Amazon.com for a better idea of what's inside these books :)

  2. Well that's what I thought with the Twinkle book, so I popped over expecting to be able to at least see a couple photos but no - the publisher hasn't opted for that function! Funny how I lived quite happily before the 'Look Inside!' feature but it's a shock when I can't now. Bet it costs the publishers though, through the nose.

  3. I only looked up the Çarefree Clothes for Girls', Looked exciting on the outside, but not so much on the inside :(

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