05 October, 2009

A cover for Hazel's chair

This is the chair we were given:

Ikea child's chair

Stylish eh! I really like these kinds of chairs, and this one has wee rubber stoppers at the front to stop it tipping forward as they are wont to do otherwise. I think it must be an older version (from about 15 years ago?) of a style Ikea still sell, the Poäng. I actually like the lines of this one better, although the padding on the current one does look more comfy! Still, you can see the white canvas isn't exactly the most child-friendly. The first thing Hazel did when we got it was to spill hot chocolate on it, and even after washing and many dire warnings about spilling and standing on it, it's grubby again.

I bought some Fredrika fabric from Ikea when we were in Edmonton last year with the intent of using it on our kitchen chairs, or making cushion covers, but it seemed like a good match for this chair and I think it looks great! Now I just need to change the rest of the living room to match these colours...

Ikea chair cover

It's very simple, with fabric backing top and bottom to slip over the frame and a single layer of fabric otherwise. I did think about padding it with some batting but that was starting to get a bit complex! It would be easy enough to add in at a later date though. I still need to add ties to anchor it at the curve and keep it sitting straight on the chair. I notice that J. Caroline Creative sells covers for the current version of the Poäng and they look gorgeous!


  1. sweet cover, I dig it! And congrats with the meet me at mikes feature too!

  2. We have that SAME CHAIR. And it's old. I think we bought Sam's when he was 7? We had Poang chairs, too, but had to toss them.

    Anyway, your cover is AWESOME. You're such a good seamstress, I'm truly jealous.

    Sam's old chair is Violet's now, and we're still using the ugly, plain, utilitarian, navy blue canvas cover that came with it.

    Gosh, your cover is just beautiful! I love that fabric. This must be Hazel's most favoritest chair now.

  3. Oh!...that's great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,



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