04 October, 2009

Featuring me!

I'm appalled I forgot to mention this because it was really very exciting to be asked - Hazelnuts was the Meet Me at Mike's Forum Focus a few days ago. Not only did I get to see a couple of my photos up on someone else's blog but I got to talk about myself and who doesn't like to do that? Actually isn't that what a blog is about really? Ok, let's not go down that path too far, it makes me feel too self-conscious! If you haven't checked out the Meet Me At Mike's forum you should, it's a fun place.

Today I started out with great intentions to use that bit of embroidery I did the other day but I was defeated by the water soluable marker I'd used. I'd erased the marks with water but when I ironed the embroidery they came back. I dabbed at them again and then I got like a big blotch with blue margins. !!!! So I wet the whole thing and left it to dry. That was very annoying, not impressed Clover! I went on to doing a cover for a lovely kid's chair Hazel was given a few months ago. Looks good but who designs a kid's chair in white? That you have to dismantle to get the cover off to clean? Yeah, more style than sense for sure. Having an easy-to-remove cover will make a huge difference.

1 comment:

  1. i have yet to find a printed embroidery pattern which does not leave marks when laundered. most frustrating!



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