13 October, 2009

Lunchbox notes

I bought the latest Parasol Craft Magazine a couple days ago and the various Kawaii files that come with it are really fun. I haven't read all the interviews yet, but I've got lots of ideas for all the neat images and I love the glass marble magnet tutorial, such a great idea! Anyways, the first thing I've done is use some of the images straight, like the hedgehogs, and pulled a few others out of to-do lists and tags, and made up some little notes to put into Hazel's lunchbox for créche.

Lunchbox notes

I started putting in little notes on yellow post-its a couple weeks ago after seeing a few examples online and she loves them. Demands them! This took me by surprise a little, I don't think I'd expected her to like them. But the ones online didn't really suit a non-reader and my notes are comprised of little pictures of us, or the cat or whatever I can make look reasonable given my dodgy drawing skills! So I thought putting in some cute little images would spice them up and cute is a universal language that you don't need to be able to read to understand! I did them in Word just using the table function, but it's a royal PITA to put images into it so if I do it again I might try Illustrator instead. With any luck these will last until the Xmas break and I can take a bit of time to come up with some more ideas.

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  1. What's creche?? Also, If you have the whole Microsoft suite, I'd suggest trying out Publisher. It's the business, and if you're familiar with anything Microsoft you'll easily understand it -- it has the same kind of intuitiveness of Word and is cleaner than Illustrator in my huble opinion. Email me if you want help, I'm hopelessly nerdy when it comes to Microsoft applications!



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