02 October, 2009

Holmegaard suncatchers

When I was a kid we had a set of blue glass suncatchers hanging in the kitchen window. My parents bought them in Denmark when we were there in 1976. I never thought about them much except that the blue was the same as the curtains, and they were always there. Last time I was home for a visit I came across them in the attic, all packaged up in bubblewrap. I told mum how much I'd always liked them and she I could have them if I wanted. I thought hard about whether I could get them home (via New York and West Virginia) safely, but decided I could if they went handluggage only! They made it fine and now hang in the spare room window and I can admire them every day from my desk.

Holmegaard Noah's Ark suncatchers

I like them more and more each time I look at them, they're so simple and the most gorgeous blue, which unfortunately doesn't come through well if you expose for the design. The official colour is "Ocean Blue" and it truly is.

Holmegaard Noah's Ark suncatcher 2
Please ignore the horrible clear dots I have on the back to stop them banging on the windows

I finally went looking to see if I could find anything out about them, and googled 'blue glass noah ark denmark' and followed a couple links to discover that the were made by the company Holmegaard Glasværk, designed by Michael Bang in 1969, and produced between 1970-76. They are referred to as 'Noah's Ark' for obvious reasons!

Holmegaard Noah's Ark suncatcher3

There are some other lovely suncatchers done by this glassworks, some have leaf and branch designs. Would love to get ahold of some like that, but until then I'm very happy with my three. Thanks mum!

Holmegaard Noah's Ark suncatcher1


  1. they're absolutely gorgeous

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