06 May, 2009

Internet access restored!

Spare room, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

So nice to be back, although it's made me realise how sadly addicted I am to my email and blog Reader.

My graduation went very well, I haven't got any photos to show yet - hopefully in a couple days or if I find one I like amongst the ones Mat took of me. I loved the gown and how I felt wearing it, like I had somehow become more intelligent and I could positively feel the deep thoughts percolating around in my head! What a pity I had to return it to the rental place. I think they should bring back teaching in those gowns like they use to do, but I suppose that would be considered elitist or something these days. Because Universities must not be elitist or take only smart academically-inclined people (not mutually exclusive I hasten to add) because that would exclude people and we must never be exclusive. No no. ::Cough cough::

Anyways, for lack of anything else to post I took this photo of the spare room before the in-laws arrived because I finally got around to putting up something over the bed. We had a calendar last year with William Morris wallpapers and I kept it with the intent of cutting them out and mounting them on blocks of wood. I put them up with bluetack just to see how they look and I really like the effect in the room. It's my favourite room in the house I think. It gets so much light in the mornings and has a lovely warm feel to it. I can't wait to get rid of the old wallpaper but I'll definitely keep it the same colour.

Don't forget that there's the Japanese sewing book going, if you're interested leave a comment.

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