06 May, 2009

Indulgence of choice

I have this ongoing internal struggle going on between my urge to buy the best and my dislike of paying more than I have to for something that can be had more cheaply for the same quality. There are, however, some things that I'd rather have less- or none-of than get cheaply, and vanilla has become one of them. With vanilla extracts, you get what you pay for and once you've had the good stuff there's no going back to crap the supermarkets sell (and I'm not even going to talk about the excrescence that is imitation vanilla). My indulgence of choice is Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla by Nielsen-Massey

I'm blogging about this because I've run out and I need to remind myself to get some more after I take out a second mortgage. It's not cheap but oh! readers...readers it's sublime stuff and really, don't you deserve a bit of sublime in your life?


  1. Nothing compares to real vanilla although I think yours is probably much more fancy than mine. Real vanilla in the bottle is one of my favourite smells. Don't like vanilla when it's in creams and soaps though.
    How much is that Vanilla??

  2. I wish I hadn't gone looking for this for you, but Amazon sells it for a measley $10 and we pay NZD$26 for it. Phooey! http://www.amazon.com/Nielsen-4-Ounce-Madagascar-Bourbon-Vanilla/dp/B0000VLU0I I'm sure you can find it in Edmonton at a good deli or food importer.

  3. YES. That stuff is so awesome. Well worth the price. Their Tahitian is really nice too, for things like lighter cakes (angel food, pancakes, etc.).

  4. This is exactly what I use, too. Luckily, it's not THAT expensive here. I think I'd get it one way or another, though. Good stuff.



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