25 April, 2011

Seam allowance guide

I've been hanging out for these Seam Allowance Guides to become available and finally got to place my order yesterday. It will be very interesting to see how it goes but oh! if they remove the need to add that stupid seam allowance to patterns I'll be a very happy camper.  I'm also curious to know if they could be used with a rotary cutter, as I use that an awful lot for knits. Will report back soon I hope!


  1. thankyou, I never knew this existed. I will be interested to see how you go.

  2. This is actually a great idea and one I think I would use :)

    I have been having trouble being able to post comments on your blog, today's my lucky day.

  3. I never knew either! Jacqui, please post a review when you can. I think this is pretty awesome, though it could run into the whole "sounds cool but doesn't really work" category.

  4. Yeah, it could be but so worth the risk if it isn't!

  5. It's funny how blog commenting can dislike one person. I was trying to post a comment at a Typepad blog this morning and it just wouldn't let me. I could comment at other Typepad blogs, just not that one! Glad you got through :)



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