28 April, 2011

Last of the summer roses

Last of the summer roses, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

Autumn is definitely here and the weather has been utterly foul since Easter Monday. These roses are the last from the garden I think, and are pretty chewed up around the edges and water-stained. But they look lovely on the bathroom window sill in the morning light and I almost feel like there might sometimes be a section of my place that looks like some of the pictures of entire homes I see on style blogs! I know I'll never have a pristine house with clear surfaces and no dust bunnies, but I do like to pretend to myself occasionally that it might happen, even if it's only in the bathroom ;)


  1. Ellie - PetalplumApril 29, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    Beautiful roses. I love your casual arrangment, with the sunligh shining through.

    I've learnt, through sheer necessity, to make my eye view little spots of beauty in my home. Even if it's sitting right beside a pile of 'regular un -styled' life. I always wonder how real those styled homes are, or how many other things the people have happening in their day (kids for eg). Or perhaps I really just am a bad housewife afterall!

  2. Or perhaps out of sight of the camera there are piles of clutter that have
    been shoved out of the way! I do know people who have very little clutter in
    their houses but actually they end up looking rather unlived in, you need a
    bit of extraneous stuff around to express a personality! Doesn't stop me
    wishing I could have more 'surfaces' with out knicknacks and other assorted
    crap finding their way onto them.

    I'm NOT a good housewife, but I'm learning to accept that. Not sure if Mat
    does though! ;) The house is an utter bomb site at the moment, but I need to
    get it into some semblance of order before he comes back from his overnight
    business trip. I like to maintain the illusion of a somewhat competant
    housewife instead of a total slacker, it's good for the marriage.

  3. Mess will always be there enjoy the roses while they are around.

  4. A friend of mine recently put her home on a sort of bed-n-breakfast swap service, which allows her to rent her home to out of town guests while she is away. As part of signing up, she had to have someone come photograph her house, so people would know what they were renting. She said she followed the photographer around the house, carrying a huge pile of stuff so that the pictures would be lovely and elegant. When people come to rent her home now, she tells them which closet not to open!

    I've always loved roses, but I've killed every one I've tried to grow!

  5. It's nice to have those moments of fleeting perfection. The fact that they are fleeting makes them even better. The light looks just brilliant on that photo - almost angelic.

  6. Indeed you are very fortunate enough to have a chance of having the last roses of the summer season in your garden. Those roses really look so fresh, endearing and lovely making it seem to be so special, that made even more decorative by the flower arrangement.



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