27 April, 2011

Auckland Modern Quilt Guild

The Auckland Modern Quilt Guild has just started up - in Auckland natch. But I don't think that actually precludes the rest of NZ, given that the Patchwork Passion newsletter that announced it says "This is an on-line group that does meet occasionally in person too".  Being so technologically savvy (sitting on the couch with my iPhone that is) I signed up so fast I think I was the third member, although there are the four now! I'm hoping this will give me a bit more of a shove to finish the red quilt and get started on the other...four I have fabric for. Jeez, that sounds pathetic when I actually type it out. I'm clearly very good at starting, less good at the completing!

So yeah - join and make me feel less like an eager beaver with completion issues.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks , just joined pending approval.....hopefully this will encourage me to finish some of the many quilt tops I have lying around... and inspire me to do some more fresh looking quilts.



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