13 April, 2011

I'm alive!

Contrary to what some of you may have thought (hi Mum!) the reason I haven't posted recently isn't because I have been run over by a bus or buried under a mound of bias-cut knit fabric. No, real life just got in the way. Real life in the form of house painters, sanding windows and filling cracks, teaching, helping at school, avoiding housework, and a Baby Binky Bunny.  Ok, so the last one isn't exactly real life, but it pretty much sums up my crafting philosophy of too many things on the go at once doesn't stop me from taking on something at a whim that needs to be done right now. I saw the bunnies on Pinterest, remembered that I'd thought I should make one one day, decided that Hazel NEEDED one for Easter, realised that we'll be away for the week leading up to Easter, so it obviously needed to be made straight away. It was also much easier to do that than worry that my hips and bum will look big in the skirt.  I'll take some photos of the bunny and its binky tomorrow.

You should also go and have a look at the Little Craft Store's new online store - just as nice as their lovely little shop in Pt. Chev. Hey look at that, I hadn't noticed that it's an animated gif until I pasted it in - someone's got themselves a clever web designer! (p.s. I don't do ads on my blog so all the links and buttons I have are there because I want to share them, not because I'm paid to do so)


  1. I can quite see why the baby binky bunny had to happen NOW! it's very cute.



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