08 March, 2010

Rabbits rabbits rabbits

Do you say that first thing on the 1st of the month? I do. It's meant to bring good luck. Mat says "white rabbits" but just once. I don't feel that's adequate in this day and age of excess.

I have bunnies on the mind because the Hazelnuts bunny tutorial was posted up on Craft Gossip Felting and generated a bit of traffic and a few emails from lovely people who wanted to print the pattern but couldn't. I love it when people want to make the bunny! They deserve to multiply like, well, rabbits! The rabbits, not the people. Unless they want to.

More felt rabbits

Then in the hunt for the pattern for the giraffes we saw yesterday I came across this gorgeous jackalope over at Girl Savage

Betsy the Etsy Obsessed Jackalope Plush

and I was struck by the similarity of the pattern which is so neat! I mean, the idea behind the basic pattern is the same but they turn out so differently. I used to think that my bunnies were like some unknown thing which is why I made up the pattern, but I kind of like finding out that they're from a genre*. So I've decided to keep track of the genre, of bunnies that remind me of my bunny. The clincher on this were the bunnies from Chez Beeper Bebe that turned up in my Reader earlier today. Ohhhh, wookit da widdle bunny!

white bunny with carrot2

The heads don't really qualify them for the genre, but the bums definitely do!

Bunny trio derrieres

I'm so tempted to get my bunny down on all fours too, the tail is just so sassy!

And of course the bonus of these two lots of bunnies that you can buy them and don't have to make them yourself. I'm beginning to appreciate the wonder of that more and more (in theory if not in practice but I'm working on it!)

* I was reminded of the book Knuffle Bunny Too where Trixie sees Sonja with another bunny and "suddenly her one-of-a-kind Knuffle Bunny wasn't so one-of-a-kind after all".


  1. Your bunny rabbits are really cute!
    Many years ago I made felt squirrels with a pattern very similar to yours - I wonder where both the pattern and squirrels went... they had a long fluffy tail, so cute!
    I love Knuffle Bunny!!! Both books were a favorite bedtime story for the longest time!

  2. Why do you say "Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits", and is it only on the first day of the month to bring luck? Is that a Canadian thing?

  3. I think it's British in origin, though why rabbits I have no idea! I should
    look it up. I guess it's the same thing with lucky rabbit feet, there must
    be something about rabbits being lucky?

  4. still like the original bunny best! and loved the custom bunny you made for me for my music group.

  5. Ooooo squirrels...I have a real thing for squirrels. If you ever find the
    pattern again I'd be so excited!

    Knuffle Bunny Too is still my favourite bedtime book, even if it isn't
    Hazel's! I love Mo Willem's turn of phrase, some of the lines in his books
    are so gorgeous. My brother lives in that area of Brooklyn so when they do
    the exchange in the middle of the night we always tell Hazel that she's been
    to that spot, even though she doesn't remember it specifically.

  6. He was a good bunny. Sometimes I wonder if I should have given him the
    eyelids so they could customise the mood.

  7. I love the photo with all the bun buns touching! I found the bunny via Craft Gossip as well and it worked fine for me. He is such a cutie! I'll be linking to him if you don't mind.

  8. Definitely don't mind a link from your site :)

  9. look what I came accross! a squirrel! and a pattern no less - don't you think he fits the genre? http://wewilsons.blogspot.com/2010/05/squirrel.html

  10. haha, and then I scroll down the page and find a photo of your bunny! so perhaps you have met him already?



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