10 March, 2010

Mug cosy in linen

When I was in Visby (Gotland) for a conference a couple years ago I bought some fabulous handleless mugs from Szilasi Keramik. I love them for their colour and weight and texture, but I do not love burnt hands from trying to hold them with hot beveredges in. Maybe there's a trick to it that I'm not aware of but it meant they've languished in the cupboard ever since.

Mug cozy in linen

No longer! The other night I got mine out and had a think. I puzzled and puzzled, I drew up a pattern that had darts in it to get it to fit the angled sides. Nah. I puzzled some more. Then I went and googled 'mug cozy' and one of the returns had a curved template. It was for a Starbucks cup I think so not much use in practical terms but it was a "ah HA!" moment. But how to get the curve? So I thought a bit more and then realised I could roll the mug across a piece of paper and trace it and so the mug cosy pattern was born! After that it was simple as. A couple red buttons from the button box, a bit of red running stitch and I'm in looooove.

Mug cozy in linen detail

I'd like to make another one for Mat's mug - his is flat black and unglazed - well the shiny glaze anyways. I might document that one for a tutorial kind of thing in case anyone else is puzzling as well. I still find the shape of pattern to be somehow counter-intuitive although I can see the logic in it if I force my brain!


  1. "Maybe there's a trick to it that I'm not aware of but it meant they've languished in the cupboard ever since."

    The trick is that you only use vodka on ice.

  2. ::snort:: Actually one of the other things I bought in Sweden that seemed
    like such a good idea the time were whisky rocks - just square bits of stone
    that you keep in the freezer and use instead of ice. The problem is that Mat
    doesn't like his whisky cold and I don't drink it at all. I need to work on
    using them in drinks of other varieties - like Vodka...

  3. you are so clever! I have some japanese mugs that I have just given over for cold drinks but this idea might just give them new purpose!

  4. Brilliant! The red stich brings a smile to my face!

  5. Yeah me too. I can't get enough of the red at the moment.

  6. I think Regan's idea of vodka and ice is a good one for these kinds of mugs,
    but for hot drinks this is definitely very useful!

  7. so cosy. i want a human sized one!

  8. i love them! very inventive, very cool and very stylish :)

  9. That is quite possibly the prettiest mug cozy ever. The stitching gets me. And the linen, of course. Genius as always!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog, they made me feel like less of a loon. :)

  10. Us loons need to stick together ;)



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