14 March, 2010


Spring primulas, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

Autumn's coming to Auckland, it's in the air. Still hot during the days but the nights are chilly and the viburnum is starting to turn. The poor old garden is frazzled from heat and the lack of rain, the lawn is burnt off and it's all looking pretty tired - except the hydrangeas. I took this picture of the polynathus in the spring so they will serve to cheer those of you still locked in to winter and daily anticipating spring and give hope* to those of us going into winter.

*Of course I'm totally misrepresenting how I truly feel about the seasons here - I loathe Auckland weather and in particular the summer mugginess, winter is marginally better but cold and damp, so autumn and spring are my favourites!


  1. autumn and spring are my favs too. mainly because it's when i can wear my favourite clothing combo. Jeans and t-shirts. :-) lovely pic!

  2. Auckland weather can be enough to wish you were elsewhere, but Spring and Autumn are nice...though man, there's nothing like that chill in the air in the morning to remind you the seasons are changing (and being the nana that I am, remind me I need to buy some slippers! lol)

  3. I'm not sure which is my favourite, autumn or spring here. In Canada it's definitely Autumn, but everything looks so tired here in the autumn that I think I might have to plump for spring even though I love the chilly mornings and being able to wear jeans again like Sarah! Plus not so much rain in the early autumn - the weather at the moment (well not this morning specifically!) is just great. But then there's roses and primulas and polyanthus in the spring... oh drat, just realised those are polyanthus not primulas! Must go and change the header.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic and thinking of those anxiously awaiting spring.



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