18 October, 2014

Wood you like a magnet?

Hazel has been taking part in BizKids which is a local entrepreneurial competition for young kids. She and a friend have been making magnets along with developing a business plan and other businessy things. It's a great scheme.

As with anything crafty these days, Pinterest played an integral part in product design and that's where I came across the idea for magnets using sections of a branch. They looked really neat so I thought I'd give it a go. I found a eucalyptus branch at the park and sawed it up. It was a pretty rough cut so I had to sand the heck out of them (byebye fingernails!). Then I rubbed a little oil on and followed it up with a coat of modpodge.

I'm so impressed with them, they're much cooler than I expected. I'd love to try doing them in different woods. 


  1. very very cool !! !! turn some into buttons too

  2. Great idea! We did this last year and turned them into necklaces. I'm definitely going to try this.



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