13 October, 2014

Rub 'n Buff

I'm plugging away at the Hallowe'en costumes and it's going well but nothing is finished and it seems a bit endless. I thought if I could see something finished it would spur me on so I put the finishing touch on one set of goggles (nevermind that the straps aren't finished!). I've painted the craft foam with a mixture of latex and acrylic paint which was meant to make them rubbery-looking but mine look more like cast iron. Whatever, still a good look for steampunk. The finishing touch is something called Rub 'n Buff and its a mixture of waxes and pigments. You get a thin layer on your finger and rub it on and hey presto! I was a bit doubtful but OMG! 

Dinner ended up being late because I was enjoying the process so much I lost track of time. 

Enthusiasm restored!


  1. These will be too flash to use only once on one night! Nice work.

  2. I am very familiar with rub n buff and used to have probably 8 colors of it, but never would've thought to use it for something like this! Very clever! (Still haven't started my costumes)

  3. Oh tell me what else I can use it for because I think it's my new favourite thing!

  4. I know, this might be the beginning of the slippery slope down geek mountain...

  5. It looks fantastic and so real! Cannot wait to see these outfits!



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