27 October, 2014

Hallowe'en frenzy

I'm not sure why I'm doing this to myself, I really don't! Every minute of every day I'm either working on costumes or thinking about costumes and I'm starting to panic. If only I hadn't lost a couple weeks to vertigo! But I guess if I didn't secretly enjoy it all I'd just give up wouldn't I?

Here is something finished, Mat's hat and goggles. Again, feeling the love for Rub 'n Buff. 

Still to go (because I need a list to really panic me):

•Mat's waistcoat (20% done)
•Hazel's top and bottom (dying leggings and top a disaster so need to make from scratch)
•Finish my skirt (just needs waistband and D-rings attached)
•Finish my jacket (attach lining at cuffs, put on 18 buttons)
•Finish spats (60% done)



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