25 September, 2011

Instagram fun

Although I had a slight hiccup with the new upgrade, I've been enjoying Instagram enormously, particularly playing with filters and using other apps to produce images that don't remotely resemble the original! On some levels that bothers me because I do like pictures to look like reality, but I can't deny the appeal of the filter.

I'm always interested to hear about other people's forays into photography with the iPhone so I thought I'd just put up a couple of mine of a Magnolia tree at the top of the drive down to Hazel's school and just show you how I did what I did - nothing particularly complicated and I haven't managed to come to grips with putting an image through numerous filters on various apps.

Magnolia 1
Clockwise from top left: SOOC; edited for contrast and saturation in PS (Photoshop) Express; Cropped and edited with X-Pro II filter in Instagram; same photo but using the Gotham filter (sadly gone since last upgrade, I'm pretty ticked off about that, hope they bring it back!).

Magnolia 2

Clockwise from top left: SOOC; edited in PS Express for exposure, contrast, saturation and focus - all to get it looking like it did to the eye at the time; run through the app Snapseed (can't remember if I did two filters or just grunge at 400). I came across Snapseed a couple days ago via a contact on Instagram and am really liking it. The filters are interesting and the basic photoediting tools are probably better than PS Express's, plus you can crop to various dimensions easily, so I suspect I'll be using it a lot.


  1. runs off to download more apps thank you xxx

    btw - thanks for craft tickets - it was definitely not worth paying to go let alone driving there and paying to go - was grateful for tickets that I didn't have to pay actually - bitterly disappointed this year 

  2. Let me know what you think!

    I'm sorry to hear ghat the quilt show wasn't up to scratch. I've never been to one so I wouldn't have had any reference to judge it against. I'd love to go to that big one in the States though!

  3. Wow! That second pic is gorgeous :-)

  4. Thanks!

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