08 October, 2011

A blog holiday

It seems I inadvertently took a blog holiday! I didn't mean to and sadly I haven't really even been on a holiday - I've been doing a lot of this:


(the green isn't as neon as that in RL!) I'm on the final stretch in the living room, and the spare room is all finished!

I've been doing a bit of sewing in between coats but nothing major and nothing finished! We're heading off on a family holiday on Monday so my sewing machine is going for a tune up and hopefully I can get lots of stuff finished when we get back! I'm sad I'm missing the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge though, I love that! Spring is suddenly upon us and wardrobe needs have changed radically so I'm desperate to make myself a few things and also some for Hazel. It'll be so nice not having this painting hanging over my head anymore when we get back, I won't know what to do with myself!


  1. ENJOY the school holidays xxx
    That is green !  

  2. I'm doing that too.  Just as I'm ramping up for the coming craft shows, my husband says I can get new carpet and change the bedroom.  Well, if he's willing I must jump on the chance so much cleaning and painting and shopping has been happening.  Very little crafting and sewing:|  Guess we just can't do everything.



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