06 September, 2011


I seem to have forgotten to blog recently! No real reason other than having a guest over the weekend (who was using my computer in the spare room) and generally just not having things to blog about. I've been working on a quilt for a friend's new baby, but there hasn't been a huge amount of craftiness going on recently. But hey, this isn't just a crafty blog, even if it seems to be, so how about some pretty photos?

When our guest arrived on Friday morning I took him out for a walk along the harbour edge to stave off jetlag, and we found a whole bunch of kina shells (sea urchins) that someone had collected and eaten and the spines had all fallen off subsequently. Personally I wouldn't eat them, they look like snot, but the outsides, well they're just gorgeous


And the insides of the shells are pretty cool too

Kina inside

Hopefully regular programming will resume soon, although there is the small matter of two rooms to be painted...


  1. *neat* shells! what colour will the rooms be?

  2. They are aren't they :) After much deep thought we've decided to paint the spare room white and the living room a sort of leaf green. The white will be a big step for us, all of our other rooms are one colour or another. I love all-white houses but somehow not in mine! Not this one anyways.



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