04 July, 2011

A sewing version of Ravelry - part two

Ages ago I did a post about a website that looked like it was going to be a sewing version of Ravelry - and oddly it's one of my more popular posts via Google, despite the fact that the site never seemed to get off the ground! I guess us sewers are pretty desperate to emulate Ravelry :) Anyways, a couple days ago Allison left a comment there alerting me to a new site called Seamed Up, which is aiming to fill that gap. There is also My Sewing Circle, which has been around for a year or so. I'm not as good at updating my projects as I should be, but you can find me there by clicking the button over to the right in the sidebar.

So there you go - two sites that actually do work and that you can use to store your patterns and fabrics, read reviews, put your projects up and admire others'. There are also forums to share ideas and ask questions. It's up to us to make them work!


  1. Thank you for adding this post to you blog - most kind of you! SeamedUP is in its early stages and we have a lot planned for the upcoming year. I hope you will join us:)

  2. Thanks for that!  I've just got my act together to put things on Ravelry and was wondering if there was something similar for sewing.  Now I know! 

  3. There is BurdaStyle, which is all clothing, bit it is very similar to Ravelry. Worth checking out I would say.

  4. I'm not sure if you know or not, but when I tried to go to the original post I was hit with a "this page may be malicious" warning :-/ Could be hiding in a comment or something?



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