16 July, 2011

More vintage sheet goodness

 Vintage sheets

I think holding the vintage sheet giveaway had the desired karmic effect as the next day my lovely bundle of vintage sheet FQ from Jenna (she also has an Etsy shop Jenna's Attic, selling vintage sheets) arrived in my mailbox and I didn't even have to mug the Postie. They're really different to the NZ sheets that I generally see - much lighter and more delicate. I don't think it's just the ones I chose as these seem pretty representative of what's available on Etsy for example. I would never have thought of Kiwis in the 70s as being more bold and adventurous than the Americans, but they must have been - unless all the bold bright sheets are around now because they didn't get used as much! Ooo, now there's an anthropology Master's or part of a PhD - Social Identity in the 1970s as Reflected in New Zealand and American Bedding. Someone needs to take that title and run with it - just pay me for the idea in vintage sheets...

These patterns are going to provide a good contrast in the quilt(s) to the more intense colours I already have. I was thinking that if I couldn't find the exact sheets I needed (I'm a bit short on greens) I could always supplement with some of the vintage-inspired Dream On line, if it's still available. Or is that cheating?

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  1. Christina GilmanJuly 22, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Oh, LOVE the paper title! Thanks for a much needed giggle.



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