22 July, 2011

The great wallpaper panic

So it turns out that the wallpaper in both rooms has to be gone by the day after Hazel's party, which is about two weeks away, and the skirting boards need to have the stain taken off as well. I'm heartily sick of this already and the spare room wallpaper is only half done. Wild, flailing-of-arms panic! I haven't sewn anything for ages either, I'm beginning to get twitchy. Stripping wallpaper is a great way to get to know your house's dirty little secrets, like the cracks that have literally been papered over! I found where the old door used to be in the spare room, and a rather distressing patch of mould just off to the right of the photo up there. Yeesh.  And the old wallpaper that had only been peeled off in patches, and the remains papered over. Now there was some really classy prep-work!

What I have been doing instead of sewing for relaxation is playing with Instagram, so if anyone is on there I'm hazelnuts. I can't figure out how to post a photo via Instagram though, perhaps it has to be done through Flickr and I keep forgetting to turn that setting on.  I seem to have more photos of Lucy than anything else, though I cleverly managed to fit in my slippers and quilt here:

And I got all arty with this shot:

It seems kinda fun, but I need more peeps in my neighbourhood!

Instagram photos might be the only way you know I'm alive for the next week or so...


  1. LOVING the slippers 

  2. eeeek I know how you feel - we are in the middle of painting every room in our house - and half way through I am OVER it too! Good luck!

  3. I instantly liked your blog banner. It's so cute with those hand-stitched letters and the buttons. Good luck with all your projects.



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