04 October, 2010

Spring is still springing

Spring garden

Down our front path, making me look forward to checking the mailbox.


  1. Beautiful! I am afraid my garden is not so successful, with an 8 year old boy that loves to play soccer :(

  2. Oh! Far to pretty. My Fluxpuppy dug all my bulbs up at the end of August.. I am v jealous of these 'cottage' type bloomers

    I may have to borrow that picture to use as my desktop image - you know so I get a pretty moment before I check my email!

  3. GORGEOUS! That's just ... everything I like. :)

  4. Yes, I imagine our garden wouldn't last long either. It used to have a hard
    time coping with Hazel trying to "Hep" daddy and stomping all over the
    plants as she did it.



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