30 October, 2010

Clothes for Mum Challenge - Longsleeved Tee

Meh. The fabric is gorgeous but if it stays as is (and doesn't become a tshirt for Hazel) it will be a 'wear under things' top.  The pattern is from Burda magazine 2/2010.

The main problem with it is that it's too small across the shoulders, you can see how the shoulder seam pulls outwards in this photo.

Boat-necked raglan tee

The neckline isn't sitting very well either. In the pattern photo it's quite a wide boat-neck.

And then when I stretch my arm out it pulls again!

Boat-necked raglan tee

To me it looks like the sleeve line needs to come down at a steeper angle.  So I have no idea why this has happened - is it a FBA issue? Should I have made the sleeves a bit wider? I don't know! I'm tempted to go back and get some more fabric and try again with a different pattern because I'd really like a tshirt I can wear on its own!  I've got the Cal Patch 'Design-It-Yourself-Clothes' and Wendy Mullins' 'Sew-U Stretch' and I think I'm going to just draft my own pattern dammit, enough stuffing around with trying to adjust a pattern to fit me when I could do it from scratch and end up with something decent from the word go.  Or at least better than this :P


  1. Sew-U Stretch sounds like a fascinating book. I think drafting a pattern might be the best option. I have Cal Patch's book out from the library right now, but the patterns seem designed for woven fabric, not knits.

    The shirt is cute, but I definitely see what you mean about the sleeve and neckline issues. I always get frustrated when patterns don't turn out as illustrated.

  2. snap! I've also started a boatneck knit top, had to make many adjustments today. will post photos next week, as I'm so very busy this week :) I like the idea of darts in t-shirts, it's unusual but makes so much sense...

  3. No, it's not terribly awful but it's not great either! I've seen plenty of
    people wearing worse on the street but I don't really want to join them. My
    plan is to draft up the tshirt using Cal Patch (as I've made one from Sew U
    and the fit wasn't great) and then use that basic pattern for the
    alterations in Sew U. Yes, I think it's arm scythe - it's a cool-sounding
    term I've always thought. Kind of dangerous.

  4. I made a tshirt from Sew U a year or so ago and wasn't thrilled with the fit
    - it's been relegated to pyjama top! I've just drafted up a tshirt from
    Design Your Own Clothes so will see how it goes tomorrow if I have time!
    That's the great thing about tshirts though, they're super fast once you've
    got the pattern sorted. And I'd definitely have given up by now if there
    wasn't a challenge on!

  5. And I'm sure it's no more fun than a FBA either!



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