17 October, 2010

Bokky the Sock Monkey

Although it may come as a shock to you all, I'm not the only crafty archaeologist out there! My friend Srey is a dab hand at sewing and knitting, has a Felt shop and even sells at markets down in Christchurch.  When she was up in Auckland recently she passed on the most wonderful present for Hazel. Mat arrived home from having lunch with her with one of those classy brown paper bags with paper string handles and let me have a peek - inside was this beautiful stripy sock monkey wrapped up in tissue. To be honest the first thing I thought was that he'd been in some upscale shop and fallen in love with it and had bought it for Hazel on a whim. But no! As Hazel said later while showing it off to one of her friends (in a tone of wonder) "it didn't even cost any dollars"

Bocky the sock monkey

The bit that kills me (aside from his little knitted scarf) is that he's made from socks. Socks! Srey says she used the tutorial here.

Bocky the sock monkey

Of course, I did know that such things existed but to be brutally honest, I really really don't like the ones with red mouths. I don't know why but I find them intensely creepy. However, Srey has such great taste in socks I'm a convert to the stripy funky species for sure. Just keep those red ones away from me! I spent quite a lot of time studying Bokky to figure out what bits came from where on the sock. Of course the tutorial explains it all but it was a fun puzzle to solve on my own.

Thanks Srey! He's been well-loved - here he is in action on Hazel's clothes line in our driveway the other day (when it was warmer!)

Hazel's Clothesline

Hazel's clothesline closeup

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  1. And he's very soft and squishy. But hey, I know the red sock monkeys are
    like a cultural tradition so I should probably just say 'to each her own'
    and focus on how much I like the other kinds. That would be the positive,
    inclusive thing to do right?



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