05 July, 2010

Taking a break from the crafty side of life

Lecture Hall, originally uploaded by hey mr. eric.

Hey people. With lectures upcoming I've decided I need to take a blogging break for a couple weeks. I'm getting SO anxious about all the prep work I need to do to be ready to teach that blogging and sewing are going to have to take a back seat for awhile. I thought I could juggle the two with the result that I'm way behind on the academic side of things and being rather ineffectual at the blogging and sewing side too! So the 200 giveaway will have to wait until I get back which is totally lame I know but the reason it hasn't happened yet is me procrastinating about my whole life instead of just the things that are stressing me out. I've also got Hazel's birthday and first day of school coming up and need to get that planned and executed without imploding.

With any luck I'll be back in 2-3 weeks with things under control and a few lectures under my belt.


  1. Take your time and take care of the things that are most important. We'll be here when you get back :) Good luck with the lectures!

  2. Good luck - I loved loved loved(!) my years of lecturing (all 3 of them, ha!) but man, that knot in the belly in the week or so before a new section....
    Oh, and do you want me to keep an eye out for vintage sheets for you in the opshops down here...I certainly don't think the craze has hit Rotovegas yet...unless by passing urbanites!

  3. All the best with your lectures! I know just what you mean, when you are at the beginning of term/session - very knot-worthy (I was a teacher in a former life.) And enjoy the other fun stuff, birthday and first school day - magic stuff!

  4. Best of luck for the lectures, birthday and first day of school.

  5. good luck and have a good break - it will be good for you! yay for hazels birthday and first day of school! hope it all goes well :-)

  6. Unplug that internet connection and lock away your sewing machines!!! too tempting to have them just accessible ... I also get lots of tummy knots, I try to remind myself to breathe in deeply cause it helps.

  7. Ellie - PetalplumJuly 5, 2010 at 9:40 PM

    I've just taken a week break, without evening realising it, and I don't have lectures or teaching or anything quite so important. Just two noisy kids, and school holidays!

    I hope the time out from blogging helps to loosen the stomach knots - not a good way to live our lives is it.

    {Oh - also, we may be coming to NZ for my friend's wedding in Dec/Jan, so we will absolutely have to meet you - unless you're heading off for holidays....}

    Take care.

  8. Hope it's all going well Jacqui. It's nice to have a break, gives you new perspective.
    About that bag, I have one slightly bigger one that I will take another look at for you. It's in my cupboard abandoned ...
    I love your new banner by the way (since last time I actually visited the blog, you know everything is on the feeder)

  9. Enjoy your break, Dr.!! Best of luck on all of the work you have to do. I'm sure you'll be brilliant so don't stress! xoxo

  10. Good luck with the lecture prep. I know where you are at. Just won a big research contract on the HR side of life, so not much sewing or blogging time around here either :( But I keep telling myself it is only until October and it is a very interesting piece of work in an area I love. Hopefully I will be able to pop up for "crafting air" every now and again.

  11. Good luck with the teaching, I'm sure you'll be fab :) You crafty blogs will be missed, but it gives me something to look forward to once you're back in the saddle, so to speak!

  12. Hi!! I have ... I am just not sure it will stand up to the rigours of daily school life. Plus you said about the lunch box, the bag is not that big. How about I send it to you anyway and she can use it on the weekends? I don't have any more of the fabric so this bag will be the last. Send me your address: jacqui(at)meeabee.com

  13. Yeah, knot in the belly is a VERY good way of describing it - I've got two
    knots at the moment, one for each of the courses I'm teaching.

    Would you really look out for sheets? That would be so tremendous! They're
    rare here in Auckland and I don't get to the op-shops often enough to
    snaffle the ones that do appear and if I keep buying them on Trade Me at
    those prices I shall go bankrupt. Anything floral, particularly 'pretty'
    ones in blues, yellows, pinks and greens would be fabbo.

  14. I actually feel much better for having made the decision to just set it all
    aside for a couple weeks, I don't know why it was so hard! Now if I could
    just set the internet and email aside... Oh I hope school goes well too,
    it's just so huge and scary for a mum - not sure what Hazel thinks. ;)

  15. I know what you mean about everything on the feeder - I'm often surprised
    how people's blogs look 'in person' when I haven't been for awhile!

    Thanks for having a look for the bag, Hazel really did fall in love with the
    fabric but she needs to fit her lunch box into her school bag and it's a
    really long Tupperware one. Oddly enough, we went to a play this morning
    and I spotted a little girl sporting one of your bags, they're very




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