02 July, 2010

A bedtime story

Hazel, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

Hazel told this story to us tonight.

"Once upon a time there was a little girl named...Hazel! And one day she went for a walk in the forest without telling her mummy and daddy and she got lost. And there was a bear and a tiger and a wolf coming to eat her. And they ate one arm and then the other arm..."

[muffled laughter from me]


[loud laughing from both parents while she waited very patiently]

"...and then they ate one leg and then her other leg, and then they ate her whole head! And her eyeballs, and then her mouth [said with great relish]. But luckily for her it all grew back. The end."

Fairy tales are just so moralistic these days aren't they?


  1. Ellie - PetalplumJuly 2, 2010 at 11:35 PM

    we got Hazel's sweet cards + super fun pics in the post today. Kids loved them. Chatted chatted about it, kept asking us to read the envelope ('master Ari' giggle giggle). We'll be tattoo-ing tomorrow for sure. And finishing up writing Hazel's cards (think they needed to know she was real before they got the motivation to finish it up - or perhaps they've got a case of the grey skies like their mama....).
    sleep well, E

  2. What a lovely story before retiring! It's all good. Everything grew back!

  3. LOL LOL, my goodness! That child is growing up way too fast, you will have to stop feeding her!

  4. Oh good lord, your daughter is beyond adorable! I love that story :) Do you think you could arrange for me to have one just like her, 'cause that'd suit me just fine. Thanks awfully!



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