22 July, 2010

I can't take it anymore!

I have no doubt that there will be another break after I post this but honestly, how long can one person go without blogging? The first and worst day of lecturing is over and tomorrow's load is heaps less so I feel I can nip in and say "hi!". I've been managing to do a bit of sewing while I've been gone, although it's taken a bit of a hit to say the least. I'm making up a flowergirl dress for a friend's daughter that is proving to be a huge challenge for me because it's made of sheer fabrics, and add to that it needs to be done in two weeks and I'm not sure it's helping my stress levels! I've also joined up Bad Skirt's Icecream Social (button with link over in side bar there) because I want to sew a dress for Hazel's birthday present from this combo

Ice cream dress beginning

Of course, I'm behind already but can always sew through in one big blast after I get the flowergirl dress done.

The other big thing that I was desperate to blog about was the lovely lovely lovely parcel that came from Ellie at Petalplum a couple weeks ago. Awhile ago she asked for volunteers for a Pay It Forward (PIF) and needless to say she didn't have to ask me twice! She's also Red Seed Studios so I knew that anything she sent was going to be fabulous. Subsequent to that her kids and Hazel have started writing to each other and a parcel arrived with some lovely (did I mention lovely?) things for both of us. It was like Christmas in July and high standards have been set for my own PIF that must now follow. The photo has tags so if you're interested in what's what, click over to Flickr.

Petalplum package

Ok, that's my lot for the time-being. See you all in a week or so, I have some birthday things to blog about!


  1. It's good to take a little break for sanity's sake, but it really is so much nicer to keep in touch with what others a making, saying and doing. And of course we do like to see what you have been up to as well! How do you fit it all in? I sense some super crafty powers...Don't be gone too long...

  2. Your fabrics for the Ice Cream Social are lovely! Good luck with your flower girl dress.

  3. YAY! I clicked over just in case and what a treat, you've been here too! (as you can tell I'm a luddite and don't do reader etc).
    your package looks full of lovely treats! and fabrics for Hazel's dress are sweet. I'm sure you know your flowergirl dress is going to be the bomb and super special for a special girl. I would love to offer to help (in any way) but I probably can't do anything useful?

  4. No superpowers honest! It's funny because I often wonder how others fit it
    all in - do you think we're all wondering the same thing about each other?

  5. Thanks! I finally got it done but several days behind schedule and because
    it's a birthday present I haven't been able to photograph it during the day
    - talk about frustrating. I get a chance tomorrow so I'd better hope for no
    rain so I can take a photo outside.

  6. You can provide moral (or immoral) support?



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