23 July, 2010

Mad Style

I wasn't planning on blogging for a few days but I'm sitting here eating my lunch in my office and reading Tom and Lorenzo's ongoing series on Mad Men called Mad Style.  I'm always excited when I see a new post in my reader (including today's post on the season premiere) so I thought I'd share the fun with everyone!  These guys analyse the minutiae of the women's clothing like nothing else, makes me realise what a passive viewer I am. But it really brings the show alive both stylistically and plot-wise and I'm obviously going to have to start paying more attention! I know you lucky ducks in the States will be into the new season very soon too.  And oh the clothes, the clothes!  Start at the beginning with the post on Bobby Barrett and work your way through, you won't be disappointed.  Now I'm off to find out when it starts here!
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