21 February, 2009

Feeling the Clothkits love

About a year or so ago I came across mention of the revival of the UK-based 'Clothkits' company and was really taken with their clothes for women and kids and the way it all works. Basically you get the kit with the cutting lines and designs printed on the fabric already, and you just cut and sew it up. I remember things like this from my childhood, whether or not they were Clothkits or not I don't know. Anyways, the range was small but promising and I mentally bookmarked it and then promptly forgot. I came across mention of them again today and wow the range has expanded and I'm so in love! Damn this low NZ dollar, it makes them too expensive, but I need to share the love.

How about this fabulous girl's dress featuring the Trellick Tower? Also available as a skirt for women that I'm coveting big-time.

I'm also very much in love with this skirt, to the point where I'm trying to convince myself it's worth over a hundred dollars plus shipping.

But seriously, how freaking cute is it? A puzzle? Love it!

And lastly another girl's dress


  1. Ooh, love those! I wish they had the girls' dresses in big girls' sizes though :)

  2. I love the ladies' skirt especially! I don't get the puzzle though - can you explain?

  3. The picture on the left is what the kit looks like when you get it, all printed on the white fabric. So the wood-grain bit at the top right is the inside facing to the skirt waist, and the bit below it is the front piece of the skirt. On the right you can see the pattern, which simulates a puzzle of these nana-ish roses, that is being done on a wood table, hence the wood you can see under the puzzle in the spots where the pieces haven't been put in.

  4. They are pretty cool. I had to admit I like the girls dresses the best.
    If you did order the skirt does it come in sizes? Or does one kit fit all. Makes me want to sew more!

  5. I'm pretty sure that the patterns come multi-sized like clothing patterns do. They have an example photo and a couple videos on how it works on their site. The girls' dresses are adorable, but I don't like their "dungarees" at all, so I don't feel the love 100%! Who could like an item of clothing with such a hideous name?



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