27 December, 2008

Done and dusted


Phew, my first foray into 'Handmade Holidays' is over and I think pretty successful although it didn't make for a very relaxing pre-Xmas period. :P Next year I'm starting in July! Seriously, how do all these bloggers keep posting all through the holidays AND manage to include pictures of what they've done for Xmas this year rather than finishing everything on Christmas Eve? Start in July I guess, plan posts very carefully and don't have their parents staying in the spare room where this computer needs to be to get internet access.

I love love love Christmas trees in the dark. My favourite thing at Christmas


So now that I have my internets back I can post up some photos.

This is the little carry-house I made for Hazel, finished Christmas Eve. Mum helped a lot, there would have been some very late nights if not for her! It's very cute and I'm pleased with how it turned out, but the buttons don't really work well for Hazel, it's too hard for her to get the elastic off and on so I'm going to put on velcro tabs instead. Pity because I love how the buttons look! Made from UK lass in US: Fabric dollhouse tutorial.




The Wee Wonderfuls monkeys turned out well too - Scopes the trial monkey on the left, Luca's minky monkey on the right.

Minky wasn't a great fabric to use, although it coped. Not enough stretch four ways, although it feels divine! Scopes was meant to be for someone else but I couldn't part with him so gave him to Hazel and I can cuddle him whenever I want. :)

I made this monster for Alexander from cashmere wool coating so it's lovely and soft (and sheds a bit which is annoying but that's Rebeccah's problem now! It'll stop Becs, don't worry)


I also made up two nighties/sundresses for Alex and Hazel but haven't managed to get a photo yet.

So now I need to think about some things for ME! Mat got me a rotary cutter and self-healing mat so I'm all psyched to cut up lots of fabric - but I need a project! Plus I need to learn how to use it and whether it's any good for cutting out curves on clothing patterns etc. I only know about straight lines. I've got some lovely fabric from Purl Soho which I need to use, I refuse to let it languish in my stash because I'm too scared to actually use it. Must plot and plan over the next few days, although to be honest my thesis corrections need to come first!



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