09 December, 2008

Advent calendar

I actually managed to get this done the night of November 30th, just squeeked in under the wire! The idea came from here, unfortunately a second-hand source because the original blog seems to have disappeared.

Advent calendar, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

The basic concept was really easy to replicate, but I couldn't figure out how to (easily) attach the tubes together. I tried attaching them with a couple stitches through the cardboard but that just wasn't going to work, never mind how to make sure each tube was perfectly lined up. I had the sudden brainstorm of using paperclips, which hold well and will allow it to be dismantled. Next year I might try and see what I can use that is even sturdier, like those wide metal clips that you slide onto paper with a little tool - they'd be really good although a more expensive option!

Advent calendar.


  1. Hi Jacqui - thanks so much for signing up as a "follower" of my blog the other day.

    What a great idea for an advent calendar!


  2. You're most welcome Amy :) I found you through Sew Mama Sew and your post on presents for kids. I've enjoyed reading your old posts too and am very keen to try out your button ornament - so cute! Have also printed out lots of those paper dolls for post-Xmas summer holiday long days at home crafting.

  3. Technically yes and I did try that, but I couldn't get the stapler inside
    the rolls! And the staples would make it permanent whereas if you use
    paperclips you can dismantle it and pack it away in a box for next year.



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