15 September, 2013

My new quilts on old beds

We set up the Monday Modern quilt exhibition at Highwic House this morning and it was a lot of fun - what a nice way to spend a sunny Sunday morning, lugging quilts all around a gorgeous old Victorian house and strewing them artistically on beds and chairs and any surface that wasn't already full of objects. Hazel came too and helped a little and enjoyed it so much she thanked me for letting her come.

My quilt at Highwic

The quilts looked so nice on the beds, and some of the locations were quite stunning. Pop over to the Monday Modern Flickr group to see some of the others' quilts, I've only posted my two here.

Scrappy trip around the world at Highwic


  1. It looks lovely!

  2. Thanks and yes it looks great! The rest of my photos are on Flickr. I didn't get all the quilts as my iPhone was struggling with the low light as it was, but I'll take the big camera next time I go, and maybe a tripod, and see what I can get.

  3. those are absolutely gorgeous



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