11 September, 2013

Being a perfectionist

Many (many) months ago it was my turn to have bee blocks made by the Monday Modern group.

Bee block bundles

It really is exciting to have them done for you, and they look great all together! The lovely ladies got me up half a Queen-sized quilt - and the rest are up to me! 

First quilt block #vintagesheet #wonkystar #patchwork #quilt #sewing #craft #star

I'm finding the concept of 20-odd blocks a bit daunting! I'm not a fast sewer at the best of times, and envy those who are - I spend a lot of time visualising (which is free and can be done on the couch), then worrying, and planning, and working up to cutting and then cutting (which is the job I really loathe and put off), sewing and then it usually sits awhile while I work up to doing a back, then it sits awhile longer because I don't like quilting much on my little machine. See even my description of the quilting process is long and drawn out! So I've started back into the stars but I can't quite remember what my plan was for the bits I already have cut out so it's going to be slow getting back into it and then I'll have to do a bunch more cutting - I'll need to find the original tutorial I used to make up the instructions I handed out (if I can remember which one it was). The main problem though, is how SLOW this is going to be because I have to press each seam as I make it, and that slows things down big time. I'm better at not being totally perfect at things than I used to be, but I still require a certain standard from myself and I can't be slapdash. I don't think I'm being OCD or anything, I just wouldn't be happy if I knew I hadn't tried my hardest to do the best job I could. I don't care so much if the result isn't perfect, well ok just a little, more that I tried hard. Not pressing the first seam when making the individual points would be slacking off in my books. Why am I so hard on myself when I'm not on others? See I'm just using this blog as cheap therapy ;)

ETA: I came back to change how I worded this post, I don't know if anyone else thought it sounded a bit whiny and self-pitying, which I didn't intend at all, so hopefully now it reads more like I intended! Plus I've been working at not pressing that first seam today (with mixed results on the personal development front).


  1. Bek @ Just For DaisySeptember 11, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Wow! Loving the vinti sheets and linen combo! :)

  2. Oh haha, I thought I was going a bit mad when this post disappeared and reappeared! Why don't you let some MM peeps make some more blocks for you? I really liked making these ones and I for one would be happy to make more.

  3. I'm feeling kind of embarrassed now because Mel offered too! But I guess I shouldn't because I know I'd be happy to make more blocks for others so should be graceful and accept them in turn :) Helen definitely deserves more too, and others might like extras so perhaps it makes sense to do a 'Bee Redux' and anyone who would like some more blocks can bring in fabric and share it out amongst those who want to make so that everyone gets a shot - not just the whingers with blogs... ;) I'll raise it at the next meeting.

  4. Thanks! I love the combo a huge amount too :)



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