20 September, 2013

My blog all gansta

Mat introduced me to Gizoogle.net last night. He was all excited about it and insisted I had to go and look at my translated blog and so just to humour him I did, and just about wet myself laughing so hard. It's not the kind of site you want to visit if the f-word (or several other -words) bothers you, but otherwise knock yourself out translating your blog, craft blogs, whatever you want. It makes them so much more interesting, I'm considering switching over permanently! Here are a couple of examples (language warning!):

"Mini-dawg school" heehee. I'll finish up with another bit that really made me laugh, it totally changes my perspective on my quilt group members:


  1. I think we should get t-shirts - Mondizzle Monday Quilters or Da Ghettofab Quilters, yo!

  2. Fo realz ma homie, what a phat idea, letz do dat shiznit son!

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  3. If our crazy asses had threadz like that da other crews would be all kindsa scared of how def we be an we would straight-up run thangs. Us thugs would be biatchz of tha quiltin ghetto.

  4. p.s. Your blog is pretty funny all gangsta too, particularly the posts about the charity quilt and stitching in the ditch.

  5. I couldn't stop laughing at yours and then I did mine :) hilarious - thanks for sharing Jacqui!



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