15 May, 2012

I've lost my sewing mojo

I sort of let the KCWC posts slide on by, because other than the repurposed skirt, it was kind of a disappointment and it has dented my confidence! Well not in any serious way but it sort of sucked the joy out of clothes for the moment. It went like this - the Sunki tunic was too small so I went on to the next item which was a gauzy tunic from the Japanese book I got in Sydney. Very simple, with a drawstring waist and little ruffly cap sleeves. I did NOT make the mistake of just forging ahead based on measurements alone and the tissue fitting looked good.

I got this far

and then decided I should do a quick try-on just to make sure it was going to fit. I couldn't actually tell you if it fits or not because it wouldn't go over her head. Now I will admit that she is something like 100th percentile for head circumference (both her parents are serious fat-heads too) but I've never, ever had that problem before! There was no way I was going to undo this neck binding though

because it was an utter bitch to get on - gauze on the bias has a mind of its own - so what to do? At the momentI think the best solution is to make a opening at the back of the neck with a facing so I don't lose too much width. But I can't quite face it right now and feel a bit sulky.

Ok, so what next? Winter pyjamas! I got out the trusty Oliver + S Bedtime Story pyjama pattern and made up the pants using that pattern and cut up a couple of tshirts Mat hadn't liked to make the top. I even found some pink poodle iron-ons at Spotlight. Success?

No. "The sleeves are too looooonggg... and the pants feel funny...and they're too longggg...and the poodles are coming off and how come you didn't put the roses on instead like you said?" They aren't too long, it's just that she insists on pushing the front right down under her tummy and there are limits to how much I can compensate for that! You can see I already tried. I guess I'll just have to wait until it gets cold enough that she will swallow all these ridiculous protestations and wear them!

Anyways, I've given up on the ungrateful little so-and-so for the time being and I'm going to try and regain some mojo sewing up a Lisette Portfolio tunic for me. However, given my track record I have misgivings and doubts and fears that run something along these lines
  • Tunics on full-busted women can look like muumuus. I am full-busted
  • It may make me look pregnant. I am not, but my tummy isn't exactly flat at the moment
  • It will be too big - all the reviews say it has too much ease
  • It will be too small - I tissue-fitted it last night and it seemed like it will be only just big enough.
  • I can't make a muslin because I don't have almost 3m of anything other than the fabric I wanted for it in my stash.
  • I should line it so it sits over leggings nicely but I can't be bothered.
  • It will look awful but I'll wear it in public anyways because I can't bear to waste the effort and fabric.
  • I will look crap in any photos I take of myself in it to put up here.
I'll let you know how it all goes!


  1. If you want to get your mojo back, why don't you pick a style that you know you will love?

  2. That's a good point but I don't think I'd be feeling very confident about any of the patterns I have for myself at the moment so I might as well do one that is easy and that I've been wanting to try. I'm not entirely negative about it, despite my whingey list!

  3. take a break and do something fun and frivolous like...  an apron you can give away, or a very simple 3 x 3 square patchwork cushion cover that you can give away. somethign that is fun, easy, mindless, and requires no thinking, no overt planning, no fancy stitches or fabrics or sewing techniques. Just 'do'. kinda like knitting a basic scarf or pair of those odd rectangle slippers with drawstring and pompom our moms used to churn out ;)

  4. You know, that Sunki dress reminded me of the Porfolio! I've made it and I have to say the sizing's a bit hit and miss; I thought it needed more shaping but would like the skirt to be wider.  beautiful lines though! 
    Good luck with getting the mojo back; I'm also there but prefer to call it a sewing sabbatical! :)

  5. Don't worry, your sewing mojo will return! That little top is gorgeous - I would never expect not to be able to get a head through!! Outrageous!!

  6. I know that would be the sensible thing - in fact Hazel is pestering me to make her a little pouch and I could do a yoga mat bag or something like that (ahem) - but I've got this thing cut out so I'm goin' in! As an aside, my email wanted me to send this to 'Boriel' :)

  7. I gave up on clothes making long ago. I can recommend a great little man on etsy who will custom make!

  8.  haha thats a name i havent heard in years :0 as for the other.. post office on wednesday ahem. i promise. actually.. any chance that you are good at sewing a heart shaped pillow? i have one from the hospital years ago. falling apart a the seams but the shape and size are perfect to support my arm when i sleep on my side. and yes do the pouch!

  9. I knew you'd reviewed the tunic and was reminded when I googled it and your post came up pretty far up the page! I can see the slight shaping it has on the pattern pieces, but I will have to wait and see how it works on me I guess! I might be able to put in little darts or something like that, and skimp on seam allowance at the bottom if necessary to get a bit more shaping. I won't lose out too much if it's dreadful, as the fabric was very cheap from Geoff's Emporium as it was smoke damaged.

  10. Johanna HolmstenMay 17, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    Hello! Read your comment on Coletterie (What to do when taste and body don’t match) that you thought of making a tunic for yourself but was in doubt. I just wanted to recommend a pattern I've made several times and looks very good even though you have a full bust. I'm talking about Simplicity 2147, many people think it looks like a potato sack, but it's all in thechoice of fabric, but check out my blog to see more of what I'm talking about. And don't give up, it's fun to sew for yourself!

    // Johanna

  11. Johanna HolmstenMay 17, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Sorry, forgot to write the name of my blog:

    Good luck!

  12. Christina GilmanMay 18, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    I had to laugh over Hazel's response to the pajama pants and the waistband.  Caitlyn very much prefers to have her waistband well below her hips, under what's left of her little-kid-belly.  I prefer her to keep her waistband above her hip bones.  The other day, she attempted a compromise where the sides of the waistband were above her hips with the front pushed down. So silly!



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