26 May, 2012

Emergency crafting

A few days ago Heleen asked me if I could come and do some "emergency crafting" at an impromptu Lucky Penny session so a photographer could take photos of a craft group doing their thing. I duly showed up at Alphabet City at noon yesterday with my hastily assembled emergency craft in hand and had such a lovely time. I'm always intending to get along to the regular evening get-together and am dreadfully slack (I made it once last year) so I'm obviously going to have to make more of an effort in future. It was very interesting talking about crafting with the journalist and seeing the photographer go about her work. Lots of action was called for, which isn't really a crafting thing, so we did what we could - moved arms about, duly admired quilts and crochet, pointed, touched, reached for yummy baking and tried to be animated. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results!

I took along some embroidery - the beginnings of a small cross-stitch of plantain.


I grabbed a scrap of linen out of the stash thinking it would be ok, but in reality it's too fine and is nearly sending me blind, even in good lighting! But I'll persevere because I do love cross stitch and it's a Gerda Bengtsson design and they always make me happy. Unfortunately I'm having to mix Danish flower thread and regular DMC floss, but I think that's what is referred to as a 'first world problem'.


  1. Sounds like fun! I really miss the craft group I left behind.

     Love the look of the cross stitch but I'm also feeling your pain.... I'm sure the outcome will be worth it :)

  2. a first world problem indeed, as is emergency crafting! it looks fantastic; I don't know how you can keep track of where you are with such tiny stitches...

  3. Isn't Gerda Bengtsson a legend?  I've just picked up a copy of her "Book of Danish Stitchery".  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the stitching goes.

  4. I hope so too! Craft groups are great - I've really only been going to them for a couple years and only sporadically but they're so enjoyable I'm not sure why I'm not at 3 a week!

  5. No I don't know either! I've gotten myself quite lost a couple times so far but am heading down the home stretch now and will be book an optometrist appointment when I'm done to make sure there hasn't been any long-term damage to my eyesight.

  6. Jealous! I actually went looking at some of her other books the other day (this one comes from Danish floral charted designs) and was wondering if I should treat myself. The problem is knowing what's inside them - what kind of patterns are in your book? I'd love to have the designs where she incorporates a few plants together, but don't want to shell out for a kit. I did a big one years and years ago, which got me hooked on her stuff, but it lives at my parents so I don't get to love it on a daily basis. I have the pattern still, but it would be fun to try something different (and smaller!)



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