21 May, 2012

Instagram filler

I've been painting the trim in the kitchen so there isn't much to show off at the moment! I'm hoping to get some sewing in tomorrow after I help out in Hazel's class in the morning. In the meantime, I'll put up some of my favourite Instagram photos from the last week or so. I'm not quite as obsessive about that app as I used to be but I still enjoy it and am very fond of lots of my photos - not that I ever get around to printing any off though!

Instagram 1
l-r: lunch (plus a bagel), Hazel's swimming lessons, tin can lantern I made as a test for my neighbour's Matariki party next month, she wants the kids to do a lantern walk.

Instagram 2
l-r: school pickup before and after, some flowers on the way to school one morning, Hazel's pink toes in a puddle

Instagram 3

Abstract sun in a blue sky, some beautiful crocheted stones sent to me by the lovely Ellie, pretty sunset clouds

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  1. Pretty photos - though as always it's the one with crochet in that draws my eye :-)



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