20 April, 2012

Sydney holiday

We're back from our lovely Sydney holiday - nice to be home but too much unpacking and laundry takes the shine off ;) Here are a few Instagram photos from the trip:

Arriving Sydney

We had brilliant sun and warm days for almost a week, which was lucky since we spent a weekend up in the Blue Mountains with friends. It was gorgeous as usual, we used to head up there as often as we could when we lived in Sydney so we could enjoy the bush and views. It was a bit busier than usual what with the holidays, but I managed to take photos without any people to preserve the illusion that half of Sydney wasn't up there with us!

Blue mountains

We also did the obligatory tourist stuff and saw the usual animals. Which aren't actually all that usual anywhere else in the world of course! The thing that always gets me about the birds in Australia are all these darn parrots flying around loose and being all native and free. It's unnatural! The Queen Victoria Building in the CBD was amazing as usual, but for some reason I was having trouble making myself take the touristy photos by this point. Perhaps I was beginning to feel like a native again :)

Sydney sights

Then the weather packed it in and all my photos got edited into black and white. There is nothing like wet feet to get you all emo and stuff.

Sydney sights

I fell in love with the Harbour Bridge all over again - Opera House bedammed, this is the real Sydney masterpiece!

Harbour bridge

Usual programming will resume shortly, KCWC is starting up on Monday and Hazel is back at school so it'll be full steam ahead! Of course, we did buy her quite a few things in Sydney but I also bought a new Japanese pattern book for kids (ohhhh Kinokuniya, why aren't you in Auckland?) which is delightful so I'll try and do something from that at least. I have all this fabric that needs using up!

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