07 April, 2012

Fluffy*Stuffy bunnies

Look who I found out in the garden!

I've been making Hazel a bunny for Easter for the last few years, and almost left this year's too late! Last year's was Binky Bunny, this year it's the Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny from All Sorts' cute tutorial.


The one on the left is Hazel's and the one on the right is for another little girl. Hazel's was supposed to be given to her tomorrow, but yesterday morning she was in the spare room and called out and when I came in there she was with one and half bunnies, wondering what they were. Oh well! It meant I could finish them up openly instead of doing it at night. She also made the pompom for her bunny's tail, and chose the buttons on the dress.


The pinafores are reversible. Hazel's one has its nightie side on (as determined by Hazel) and the other has its daytime dress on. They really make the bunnies!

This is such a cute and easy bunny to make, I really enjoyed the process! So nice to be able to whip something out like that without any swearing or ripping out or major issues. Well ok there was one major issue - when I put the eyes on Hazel's bunny on the back of its head. Luckily the fake fur was pretty forgiving and the holes were easily sewn up and don't show. The fur isn't the softest ever, which is the only downside to them. The upside was that it's been in my stash for several years and it's nice to actually use a bit more up! In fact everything was from the stash, so they're economical bunnies to boot.


  1. Wow. These are super cute and amazing. you made these?!!! you're a super mum. I'm glad that Hazel found them before tomorrow and got o enjoy making the tail. Love those little dresses - the best ever.

    The other day Mishi said "let's talk about Nestie, and Lily and Stella, and making clothes for them. ..." I had gone off on a tangent, and she just wanted to talk about making clothes for her dolls. So that's what we're doing next week,  after we go camping. She's going to do the designing and choose the fabric and I'll do the sewing. And she says that we might have to make another day for me to do some sewing for clothes for her.

  2. I'm not a super-mum but they ARE cute!

    I think that's a great division of labour, I always feel like Hazel should be sewing them too but she just loses attention and I end up doing it all!
    Are you doing Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge? That's always a great incentive and starts the day Hazel goes back to school :)
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  3. Jacqui,
    I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading.  I hope you don't mind me following you--there's something very attractive about an educated mum developing other talents for the sake of her kid.  I gave up a career in plant genetics a while back and worried that staying home with the kids might be a disservice to all my years of resume-building, but shamelessly, I can admit that I prefer crafting and cooking to analyzing data:)  And the kids agree.  The bunnies are adorable--I bought furry felt to make these hand puppets from purl soho (http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/3/18/mollys-sketchbook-bunny-hand-puppets.html) but now I'm wondering if it's too late to change plans.  Happy Easter!

  4. Too cute!  My kids are past the age of these but I'm not!  I need some.  I will popping over to Jenny's now to find the tutorial.

  5. They are adorable.  I bet Hazel's bunny thought eyes in the back of the head was an advantage not a major issue though ;)

  6. They are gorgeous! You are so talented!

  7. Oh so cute - I just love them, Robyn



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