02 April, 2012


When I saw the Critter Community panels by Suzie Ultman for the first time I thanked my lucky stars there were babies being born who needed (yes needed) quilts made from it to justify buying some. I figured that it would look great with the squares and animals quilted, and a simple border around that. And you know what, it does! Or did. Or whatever tense I should use there.


The blue border is a scrap from the new blinds in our spare room and the brown is linen I bought to make a bigger quilt but it was just so perfect I used it on this instead. In retrospect I doubt there was enough to use in a larger quilt anyways! The binding is a spotty fabric by Lecien. I've already done a post on the FMQ 'issues' I had, but after a wash and a little blurring of the eyes I don't think any occasional wonkiness was too obvious. At least I hope not!


  1. It is adorable! That brown linen is very very nice (and I'm not a huge brown fan). I have a remnant of Critters fabric in the blue/green colourway but not a large amount so I have to put my thinking cap on to work out how to use it.

  2. does does does look wonderful. oh so lovely. hmmmm - maybe i need to have a baby so you'd send one to me! xxx

  3. It sure does look wonderful! I love the border fabrics too - all of them. It's a great combination and a very special quilt. :-)

  4. Christina GilmanApril 4, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    That came out lovely!  But at the moment I'm more jealous of the fence.  Sometimes I wish I had such a blank, vertical, textured surface to photograph quilts/clothes against.  But, nope.  Small backyard,  short fences.  Oh, and so much rain!



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