25 February, 2012

The wrong side

Perhaps for the same reason that bad boys are so attractive, the wrong side of patchwork always excites me. I know it's impractical, I know it won't last, but I do love it.


  1. and your photography makes the most it!

  2. I laughed when I saw this post. I was getting my latest project ready for basting and spent ages looking at the back thinking how lovely it looked. I was going to photograph it and thought, no Megan, I think this is just your own weird little obsession. Haha - I am not alone.... 

  3. You know, I never took you for a bad boy girl..... Perhaps we're all closet bad boy girls?

    I love the back of fabrics, and stitching too. I wonder if it's because when we look at the back, sometimes it looks so perfect even though we didn't plan that at all - like wow, could perfect things just happen! Maybe sometimes it looks so wonky that it's wonderfully amazing, and reminds us that wonky and 'wrong' and imperfect is so good too. Hmm. Not sure. Maybe it just looks pretty - and you haven't just spend hours (days, weeks) staring at it like you have at the front.

  4. This is the first wrong side of patchwork I've really seen and I can definitely see the fascination from your photo.  Such a precise structure behind the creativity.

  5. You're so funny!  The wrong side is attractive though!



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