16 August, 2011

Tulle pompoms

I forgot to take photos of quite a few things I did for Hazel's party, like the jelly in old fancy teacups (which rather unexpectedly was a HUGE hit) and the only photos I took of the other thing I made, the tulle pompoms is just a crop from a larger photo taken on a grey, rainy day with a flash.

They were fairly easy to make, though I really wished I hadn't bought the cheapest tulle on offer because it's stiff and scratchy, makes them stick to each other like velcro and is not nice to handle! I had a bit of softer stuff and the pompoms it made were much nicer and fluffier, as well as being easier to make. I really had a hard time getting them to stay fluffy though, and ended up cutting two snips to the middle on each side after I'd tied them up so they wouldn't just fold back up flat. Even then you can see the string tied around the middle. If I did them again I'd use monofillament, but I couldn't find mine with everything packed up so string it was. And hey, once you add streamers and bubbles who's looking?

For anyone who's interested, the original tutorial for them can be found here.
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