17 August, 2011

Knitting for the Comfort Doll Project

A few years ago my friend Donna set up a charity with a friend called the Comfort Doll Project. "A Comfort Doll is a small knit doll that Icross uses instead of packing foam when they send HIV medicines to African clinics. Once the meds are unpacked, the dolls are given to the local children, many of whom are HIV positive and/or AIDS orphans" I noticed on her Facebook page that they are looking for more dolls to send to Malawi in November. Now I don't knit or crochet but I know lots of you do, so I thought I'd post up this picture of a happy recipient and let you know about this worthy cause! Knitting and crochet patterns can be found on the Comfort Doll Project blog. They ask that the yarn for the skin be medium through dark brown to black.

Photo © 2010 Colin Zacharias


  1. What a beautiful photo of the happy recipient. Im going to try the knitting pattern and see how I go.

  2. Awesome!! I have a huge yarn stash..... I pinned it and also saved the pattern to my computer..... Thanks for sharing!

  3. jacqui thanks!

    to those who said they're going to knit - if you 'like' our comfort doll page, we will be posting an address later as to who to send the finished dolls to... they're going to a group in Saskatchewan who are going to Malawi.


  4. Hi -

    Thank you so much for creating this blog.

    Everyone has the means of contributing to the betterment of this world in their own unique way. Bravo!!!

    Just want to share what my young art students are doing in Chicago.  Our
    focus in conservation of our planets resources.  They are just ages 6-8
    - but they totally get it. 


    Cheers- Neko



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