08 August, 2011

Tissue paper pompoms

Tissue paper pompoms, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

I finally tried the famous Martha Stewart tissue paper pom-poms for Hazel's party and they're surprisingly easy! If you're looking for something that makes people ooo and ahhh and pay you lots of compliments for very little effort, these are your answer. I used 10 sheets of tissue and ended up having to cut the curves for the petals a few layers at at time because otherwise the edges had a rather chewed look from the scissors struggling with the thickness. I thought the pointed ends were most effective, but the round ones were cute and possibly more suited to a kid's party?

The party went very well, despite an extremely violent southerly change that swept through Auckland about half an hour before the party started. I haven't seen it rain that hard here for ages, and our street flooded across the sidewalks and up onto lawns despite having the drains redone a couple years ago. It was exciting!

I bought the cake btw, before anyone offers me compliments on it! I also ordered macarons from the same shop because I've always been curious about them - and now I actually do understand why people go a bit mental for them.

Goodie bags

I was quite fond of the goodie bags too. They were meant to be closed at the top, but the stickers I bought to go in were too big so the tops had to stay up, which in the end made them look a bit prettier I think.  All the invitations and tags and stickers were made up with a set I bought at mygraphico, I'm a bit of a convert to buying a clipart file and doing it yourself now! I'd seen these exact same images used on invitations from a site that specialises in customised invitations and I was going to use those until they wanted to charge me upwards of US$40 to mail 10 invitations, envelopes and thank you cards, which was more than it cost to buy them. The mygraphico file was $5 (and it's on sale now of course!)


  1. Back home and online, phew.  Gorgeous!!!  I love your pom-poms!!  Could be in a magazine.

  2. Oh I so want to make those one day....might be a good idea for my brothers wedding.  Loving the food table... and the very cute goodie boxes... you've outdone yourself :)

  3. LOVING the pom poms - where did you get the macaroons from?

  4. They look flippin brilliant - I am a major addict of these - and have used them in as many shoots and parties as I can for the last year! Very addicitive! 

  5. The party looks great. I love the bell details on the goodie boxes.

  6. They came from The City Cake Co. in Mt. Eden. They do pink, chocolate and green - Hazel didn't want green but I bet they're pistachio flavoured.



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